You are shaped by your environment.

Almost without exception, every world class producer, writer, engineer, and recording musician grew into their role as a result of spending time in studios where great records were being made


Because in this environment you can observe the entire process and absorb the flow of a project coming together in real time. 

You can speak with people making the records, discuss complex subjects in depth, and connect with others on similar paths.

It's not just the equipment in these studios that made the music great. 

It's the attitude, the culture, the wisdom, the tricks, techniques, and relationships which brings great music to life.

But.... What happens if you can't get into one of the few of these studios on earth, especially now that so many have closed down - and especially during covid?

That's the exact question we've been pondering. 

And here's our answer:

Announcing The Complete Producer Network Online Studios

In the coming weeks and months, world class producers, mixers, artists, and engineers will begin taking up residency in their own personal studios in The Complete Producer Network.

And YOU will have the opportunity to book a seat in the studios of your choice so that you can benefit from unprecedented access, and immersion in their methodologies, perspectives, processes, and personalities.

Just like a real world facility with lots of individual rooms, each studio will be different: a reflection of the personality of the resident producer.


Those distinct personalities, styles, sound worlds and skill sets will be at the core of what makes The Complete Producer Network Online Studios so compelling: you and your fellow members will be able to join in regular, ongoing, in depth discussions about music, production, and more with your chosen studio's resident.

Think about it...

  • What could you learn from absorbing the way they think about, talk about, and analyse music?

  • Have you been dying to ask how they got a that result on that record? 

  • Do you wish you could get their perspective on your challenges are in your career? 

  • Wouldn't it be fascinating to listen to them giving notes and feedback on demos, works in progress, or commercial recordings?

  • How much could you learn through a natural conversation with them about making music, rather than edited interviews, social media snippets, magazine articles, equipment focused gear blogs, or straight up speculation?

  • Can you imagine how rapidly your own outlook would expand if you could take part in these discussions not just once, but regularly - as an ongoing and developing relationship that unfolded across time?

  • How cool would it be to go back to your studio, try the things you learned, gain new insights, then come back and discuss further?

These discussions will be priceless.

Attending them regularly will help you exceed what you might learn in any music production program on the planet.

But it's about to get EVEN BETTER, because...

Many of The Complete Producer Network Online Studios will also begin streaming real world sessions - in real time.

Yep, you heard that right.

It's your chance to truly absorb the flow of a session and the life of a song as it unfolds: unedited, unpolished, unscripted. 

This isn't some "Music Production Netflix" where a film crew comes in and artificially packages a session for your passive consumption. 

It's not a 15 second "How I Made This" TikTok post, a 20 minute track breakdown, or a quick tip tutorial YouTube video.

Instead you'll benefit from the perspective only a handful of people in the world have ever been able to enjoy.

  • How does a song sound at different stages of the production process? 
  • What does the producer focus on, what do they worry about, what do they ignore?
  • Which ideas opened the floodgates
  • Which parts were sacrificed for the greater good? 
  • Did you ever realize how long a track can sound like "nothing" before it finds its center? 
  • Would you rather ask about the setting someone used in a mix, or hear how a mix knits itself together in a session?
  • Did the amazing music you heard even turn into a finished song?
  • Did the piece of junk they were working on for hours suddenly morph into the greatest thing you've ever heard?

What you learn from being "in the room" is what remains hidden from the majority of people, even with the endless amount of information available online today.

Being immersed in sessions, absorbing the flow, learning by osmosis, is the secret university that effectively all of the world's top musical talent have attended.

And soon it will be available to you.

But what else makes working in a big studio facility so great?

Can you guess?

Yep, you got it.

It's the people you meet, those folks you see over and over again and finally strike up a conversation with, the network of inspiring friends and colleagues, the energy of being around so many smart people all working towards a common goal, that elevates you even further.

The Complete Producer Network was built from the ground up to help people connect.

And in the online studios, connection gets taken to a whole new level thanks to the real time streams and discussions. 

These facilitate not just your communication with your chosen studio resident, but also with your peers, your fellow members. 

We'll help you craft genuine personal and professional relationships with music practitioners around the world.

So....... when is all this happening?

The short answer is...... NOW!

But let's unpack this a bit more.

We currently have the first four world class residents getting ready to move in to their Complete Producer Network Online Studios.

But first, Complete Producer Network founder Damian Taylor will be running a special beta program in the first online studio. 

Damian will be offering a heightened schedule of activities and benefits to members willing to help test everything that needs to come together to support this new venture.  


Begin your mentorship with A6 x Grammy NominatedProducer, Mixer, Writer

Damian has devoted his life to working alongside some of the most creative and iconic artists of our era, like Björk, The Prodigy, UNKLE, The Killers, Odette, and many more. 

In his Complete Producer Network Online Studio you'll be able to sit in on many of Damian's sessions to absorb, watch and listen as tracks are born, grown, and finished.

You'll also be able to join group discussions with Damian and other studio members, where you will examine, unpack, and consider any and all aspects of creating world class records. You will benefit from Damian's experience and personalized responses to your questions.


What producers and artists sayabout working with Damian:

Noel Jackson

Zach Howie (Sievi)

Louise Burns

"Damian’s knowledge surpasses the standard process of music production and recording concepts. He is able to convey very deep and complicated ideas in a way that makes them seem simple and rudimentary. The skills, knowledge, and perspective I’ve gained with the help of Damian are purely priceless."

"Learning from Damian has been life changing for me, helping me fully bloom as an artist and producer. The knowledge I’ve gained will stick with me for a life time."

"Damian speaks in a language that is technical, yet accessible enough for a producer / artist like me (who doesn’t have decades of engineering experience) to understand. He never makes me feel inferior, which goes a long way in this industry."

During the beta Damian will be actively testing everything The Complete Producer Network Online Studios have to offer

Testing requires a higher than normal  workrate, so you'll benefit from a concentrated burst of activity focused around three pillars of opportunity:

1) Discuss

2) Absorb

3) Connect

Group conversations and mentoring. 

Talk in real time with Damian, and benefit from his focus on answering your questions and facilitating your growth. 

These will include "hot seat" segments where a member can nominate themselves to be the focus for a portion of the conversation and receive Damian's focused attention, consideration, advice, and even feedback on their music and production work. This will be a similar dynamic to how Damian works with his artists to understand their goals and to help guide them in their journey.

Replays will be available of discussions for those unable to join live; Damian and his team are working on developing a system to make all questions on the calls easily searchable in a database for future reference too.

Real time fly on the wall studio streams.

Damian has a number of additional production, mixing, writing, programming, editing, and production sessions in his stack and available to be shared with studio members. This beta phase could see possibly the highest density of production streams which will ever happen on The Complete Producer Network. 

If you've ever hung out on one of Damian's Twitch streams, you'll know his studio is a good vibe - but this will be an entirely different matter. You haven't seen Damian in Deep Work mode yet, only in "hanging out on the internet" mode:  

You're about to see the rest of the iceberg that's been under the surface of the water.

Build your global network.

Careers are built on chance meetings and spending time together with people on the same path as you. 

Growth happens by being able to constantly exchange ideas and hear concepts from other points of view.

You'll benefit from spending time not just with Damian, but with the other motivated and committed music creatives who have made the same commitment and investment in their own creative journey.

Many members of The Complete Producer Network are already collaborating and releasing music together. And in the Online Studios you'll naturally and spontaneously get to know the other members, but Damian has some fun plans to help you connect further.

We're looking for a first wave of studio members to join Damian's beta. You'll help him find and shake out any kinks in the systems, give feedback to help dial in a smooth and easy experience, and provide your testimonial when the studio is running smoothly.

In addition to being able to say "I was there", members of Damian's Online Studio Beta will receive many compelling benefits:

1) Doubled discussion schedule

2) Increased Session Streams

Studio discussions sessions normally happen every two weeks, but we'll be talking weekly during the beta period. 

That's double the conversations, double the questions, double the insights, double the connections. Let's do this!

Damian has been building up a big stack of projects that can be streamed during the beta period, so there will be production streams happening almost every day! 

These include writing and track development sessions, additional production and mixing sessions, editing sessions, and more.

3) Discounted Beta Rate lock in Bonus

When you become a member of Damian's Complete Producer Network Online Studio Beta Program you'll lock in a discounted rate for the lifetime of your subscription. 

Beta members will be able to secure their seat for just $47 per month.

Your beta discount will remain in effect as long as your membership remains active, even after the beta is finished and rates increase for new members.

So what do you want to do?

Are you happy with the progress you're making?


Satisfied with the ideas you're being exposed to?


Content with the network you already have? 

Or would you like to open yourself up to a whole new environment and see where it leads?

You can sign up now to join Damian's studio

The beta is already active - streams and discussions are happening now!

Move quick to secure your beta rate of just $47 pcm 

before doors close on Friday, September 17th, 2021

We're VERY excited about this new chapter for the network. 

See you in there!


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